Psychiatry Simplified. 

Mental health is often one of the most neglected aspects our wellbeing. At Adapt we aim to change this through innovating accessibility so that we can bring the very best help directly where it's needed. 

Mental Wellness Done Right

At Adapt, our mental health professionals operate primarily in the virtual space as well as in person through office visits as required. We leverage technology to it's fullest potential in order to break down barriers in care, and our patients love that approach. 


The Platform

The Virtual Visit

The Office Visit

Adapt's Simple Telehealth platform makes virtual visits a breeze. There are no accounts to remember or complicated software to learn. Our patients receive a link via text and/or email which takes them directly to our virtual waiting room so they can worry less about IT issues, and focus more on their wellbeing. 

Virtual visits are conducted using our HIPAA compliant audio/video virtual clinic. 

Worried about what's possible in a virtual setting? Rest assured that just about anything we can do in a clinic can also be done virtually!

Some patients may be asked to visit their mental health provider in our office at least once per year and as needed. This is to ensure that the treatment we provide you is of the highest quality and meets local, state, and federal guidelines.

For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks are required throughout all office visits. 

Accepted Health Insurance Plans for Psychiatric Care


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