Primary Care for Life.

Primary care is an essential part of every person's health and wellness. We offer convenient and easy to schedule primary care visits in office, via virtual, and in-home when necessary.


Primary Care is Special at Adapt

Primary care at Adapt is different from what many people are accustomed to, because we care.  Here leverage innovative policies and technology to their maximum potential so that we can focus more on you and your health goals.

The Office Visit

The Virtual Visit

The Home Visit

Our office is a safe, convenient, and comfortable setting where you can make the most of your visit. Using the latest medical knowledge and technology, our expert clinicians ensure that you receive the quality of care that you deserve.

At Adapt, we strive to ensure that you spend less time in the waiting room, and more time with your provider.

Our virtual primary care visits allow patients to keep up with their health goals without dramatic interruptions in their routine. We make it all easy with our simple and user-friendly telehealth platform.

Patients love the ability to follow up with their provider, ask questions, and even get prescription refills via quick and easy telehealth appointments. 

Home visits are for those with complex health issues which limit them from visiting traditional doctor's offices. Our innovative house call program brings the professionals to your living room! We put a modern twist on the age old house-call by offering in-home diagnostics like X-rays, ultrasounds, and EKGs to help your provider find the best treatment course. 

Accepted Health Insurance Plans for Primary Care


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